High Performance Glass FiberReinforced Thermoplastic Composite Sheet
High Performance Glass FiberReinforced Thermoplastic Composite Sheet
Random Sheet
Features Stamping Process Application Examples Quick Form offers® a World of New Applications at Your Fingertips
TOYOBO Return ENPLA Top Contact Japanese Quick Form® Random Sheet
Application Examples
ceiling panels 
seat frames 
crossing bars Automotive Parts 
front-end modules 
crushworthy door frames 
crushable elements 
pressure vessels 
fuel-battery casing
Civil Engineering and Construction 
forms for poured concrete 
reinforcement for structure 
scaffolding plates Quick Form®
Random Sheet Boats and Marine Facilities 
pleasure boats 
water bikes 
Sporting Goods 
tennis rackets 
baseball bats 
athletic shoes Housing and Office Equipment 
reinforcement for bathtub 
ceiling panel of bath unit 
office furniture
Safety Equipment 
safety shoes 
protector Patient Care Equipment 
wheels & frames for wheelchair 
barrier-free slopes 
artificial limbs

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