High Performance Glass FiberReinforced Thermoplastic Composite Sheet
High Performance Glass FiberReinforced Thermoplastic Composite Sheet
Random Sheet
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Stamping Process
Cut out of Quick Form® Random Sheet blanks with specified weight and dimensions in accordance with the shape and volume of the product. Heating 
Heat the blanks with an infrared oven to a temperature between 200 and 230°C until the matrix resin melts. Pressing 
Promptly load the heated blank in the mold and form it into the desired shape. 

Standard molding conditions
·Pressure : 20_30MPa 
·Dwell time : 30_60sec. 
·Mold temperature : 80_120°C
Stamping Process
Detailed Scheme of Pressing and the Tooling Design
The loaded blank must have the same volume and weight as the product to be molded. The pressureed material flows along the cavity, then begins to cool. The formed material is sealed by the shear edge and kept pressurized until it is solidified enough to be taken out. This completes the molding process.

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