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'Tsunooga™' is a high-strength and high modulus fibers. It is possible to be processed into a variety of forms as fiber.

Development Background

Toyobo's super fibers are being used in a wide variety of industrial fields. The company has continuously created new super fibers to develop new makets and expand the super fiber product line. These efforts have now resulted in the development of 'Tsunooga™' - a completely new high strength polyethylene fiber created using Toyobo's unique technologies.

'Tsunooga a™' Product lineup


In addition to 100%‘Tsunooga™’ weaves, ‘Tsunooga™’ can also be mixed with other materials to form union cloths, etc.

cut fiber
Nonwoven fabric
Composite yarn

Textured yarns can be made by mixing different types of materials, such as cotton, polyester, nylon, etc.

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