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Toyobo Co. Ltd. has developed Tsunooga?, a high strength melt spinning polyethylene fiber with superior lightness and cut resistance. Tsunooga? was developed using Toyobo's proprietary technologies. It is a new super fiber with expected applications across diverse industrial fields.

「Tsunooga™ 」銘柄(フィラメント)

Tsunooga? Tsunooga? Black spun-dyed
  ‘Tsunooga™’ ‘Tsunooga™’Black spun-dyed
Fineness /
Number of filaments
440 / 360
220 / 176
440 / 360
Inner diameter of bobbin(mm) 94 94
Length of bobbin(mm) 230 230

High-Strength Polyethylene Fiber‘Tsunooga™’

A lightweight high-performance fiber made from high-molecular-weight (HMW) polyethylene processed under ideal spinning conditions.

Illustration of molecular structure
Tsunooga Regular molecular structure (High orientation) Polyethylene Irregular molecular structure(Low orientation)
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